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Series: Historical Romances (Brothers in Arms, Book 2)
Main Characters: Drake & Averyl
Formats: eBook, trade paperback
Word Count: 92k
Page Count: 281 pages
Prior Reading Necessary? No
Tropes: Abduction, Alpha Hero, Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity, Forced Seduction, Love Triangle, Revenge, Sudden/Forced Marriage, Virgin

His brother’s betrothed becomes the captive pawn of his revenge…and the woman who steals his heart.
Wrongly accused of murdering his father, Drake MacDougall wanted nothing more than to strike back at his guilty, duplicitous half-brother. So he made the fiend pay by abducting his bride-to-be. But as Drake carried his captive off to a windswept Scottish isle, he soon found that vengeance wasn’t the only thing on his mind. Lady Averyl Campbell proved herself no biddable maiden, but an alluring, strong-willed beauty who could tame his dark moods with her touch. When danger and treachery threatened to part them, Drake realized that only she could heal his tormented soul, for she had won his love.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Amazing story! Heart stopping!!! Fast-paced, heartwarming, and full of passion!! This story will have you holding your breath and cheering on for true love and the truth to finally be revealed!" - Amazon Reviewer

HIS STOLEN BRIDE Sale price$4.99