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Series: Historical Romances (Strictly Duet, book 1))
Main Characters: Brock & Maddie
Formats: eBook, trade paperback
Word Count: 95k
Page Count: 324 pages
Prior Reading Necessary? No
Tropes: Angst, Forbidden Love, Forced Seduction, Obsessed Hero, Second Chance Romance, Secret Baby, Single Parent, Sudden/Forced Marriage, Temporary Fling

It can’t be love if it’s...Strictly Seduction
As an innocent girl, Madeline Sedgewick learned that nothing comes without a price—even desire. Five years later, now widowed and deeply in debt, she’s certain that the stranger who bought her last husband’s notes of credit will demand swift, steep repayment. But she never imagines her creditor will be Brock Taylor, her baseborn former stable-hand turned newly wealthy entrepreneur—the man who stole her virginity and her heart. She’s even more stunned when he says that he’ll forgive her debts only if she becomes his wife.

Brock’s memories of their parting are no less bitter than Maddie’s, and his plans for their future are hardly a rekindling of their blissful first love. But seeing Maddie again—just as spirited, strong, and beautiful as ever—reawakens a desire he thought long dead. When she refuses his proposal, they strike a dangerous wager, with Brock’s self-made fortune and Maddie’s treasured independence at stake. It’s a wager only one of them can win—as long as they resist the other’s passionate seduction…and falling in love again.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I absolutely loved this book! It was such a great read. I love the characters. They both make mistakes and create such a great story that I couldn’t put it down! Applause for a great author!” – Amazon Reviewer