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Series: Unbroken: Heavenly Rising
Main Characters: Beck, Heavenly, & Seth
Formats: eBook, trade paperback
Word Count: 115k
Page Count: 337 pages
Prior Reading Necessary?: Yes (The Choice, The Chase)
Tropes: Age-gap, Alpha Hero, Angst, Bad Boy/Good Girl, BDSM, Dominant Hero, Ménage, Obsessed Hero, Suspense

One Beauty. Two Friends. Shattering Secrets.

In the aftermath of danger and death, Seth Cooper blurts his darkest secret to Dr. Kenneth “Beck” Beckman and Heavenly Young. Fearing he’s shocked them, he disguises the tragic details, but it’s impossible to close the Pandora’s box he opened so recklessly.

After that night, Seth wages a one-man war against his ghosts while avoiding Heavenly’s well-meaning comfort and Beck’s probing questions. The change in Seth’s demeanor makes the other two fear that their dreams of shared tomorrows are crumbling. As weeks spill into months, the strain between Beck, who’s impatient to start their future, and Seth, who’s doing everything to avoid it, intensifies—leaving Heavenly squarely in the middle. If she follows her white-picket-fence dreams, will Seth’s refusal to give them more than half-truths break their hearts and separate them for good? Or will he finally risk confessing all so they can embrace their forever?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "It doesn’t get better than this. This story is jam packed full of sexy times, stirring emotional scenes and love.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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